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Minority Research Paper - 2766 Words

PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING - MKTG_310_C_12-53 February 7th, 2013 Minority Research Paper # 1 HISPANIC AMERICAN Question: Total numbers in the U.S. Answer: 52.0 million is the estimated Hispanic population of the United States as of July 1, 2011 Question: Percent of the total U. S. population Answer: 63% of Hispanic-origin people in the United States who were of Mexican background in 2010. Question: Rate of growth Answer: More than 1 of every two people added to the nations population between July 1, 2008, and July 1, 2009, was Hispanic. There were 1.4 million Hispanics added to the population during the period. Question: Average household size Answer: 10.7 million of Hispanic family households in the United States in†¦show more content†¦In 2002, the latest year for which statistics are available, there were 170,241 African Americans enrolled in degree-granting graduate schools. This was an all-time high. Blacks were 8.4 percent of the total enrollments in U.S. graduate schools Question: Average or median income levels Answer: Black Median Household income: $33,460 Question: Geographic location(s) – metro, states, etc. - Answer: According to the 2010 Census, of all respondents who reported Black alone-or-in-combination, 55 percent lived in the South, 18 percent in the Midwest, 17 percent in the Northeast, and 10 percent in the West. This pattern was similar for the Black alone population. Compared to 2000, the proportions of the Black alone-or-in-combination population for the West stayed about the same, while the proportions increased The Northeast census region includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The Midwest census region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The South census region includes Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. The West censusShow MoreRelatedMinority Research Paper1715 Words   |  7 Pageseach group and shouldn’t be afraid to tap into each market. Below is information on the three largest minority groups in the United States and what each one prefers. African Americans †¢ The total numbers in the US is 42 million (â€Å"United States Census Bureau†). †¢ African Americans make up 13.6% of the total US population (â€Å"United States Census Bureau†). †¢ The rate of growth for this minority group from 2000 to 2010 was 15.4% (â€Å"United States Census Bureau†). †¢ The average household size is 2Read MoreChallenges Faced By Ethnic Minority Supervisors1216 Words   |  5 PagesChallenges Faced By Ethnic Minority Supervisors in Clinical Supervision Personal Preparation My specialization paper will focus on the challenges faced by ethnic minority supervisors in clinical supervision. My paper is guided by the courses I took in the doctoral program, my personal experience as a supervisor and the gaps in literature review that motivated me to pursue this area of research. In the past two and a half years of my doctoral program, I took courses (advanced clinical supervisionRead MoreWorking As A Juvenile Supervision Officer For The Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Department1350 Words   |  6 Pages Working as a Juvenile Supervision Officer for the Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Department, I come in contact with a lot of juvenile offenders. What I have notice during my tenure is that the majority of the juveniles I see are minorities, African- American, Hispanic and Asian young men and women. According to The Sentencing Project, â€Å"In 2010, African Americans comprised 17 percent of all juveniles, but 31 percent of all arrests.† Do juveniles of color commit crimes and come in contact withRead MoreLegal Writing1315 Words   |  6 Pagesof giving preference to racial minorities or women when hiring employees, giving awards, or deciding whom to admit (So you Wanna, 2003). Affirmative action arose out of a desire to bring minority groups into institutions and professions that had traditionally been dominated by white males. It first appeared after the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s as an attempt to accompany the new legal equality gained for minorities with soci al and economic equality. This paper I will discuss the history, advantagesRead MoreThe Reason Why Minorities Are Often Suspected First Of Doing Violent Crime1525 Words   |  7 Pages The following paper will try to discover the reason why minorities are often suspected first of doing violent crime, instead of their counterparts. A general reason why trying to understand this phenomenon is important is for the consequences it brings. When an individual, in this case minorities, are suspected of doing violent crime, they are more often targeted more than usual. This leads to mostly minorities being in prison, and in most states, they are not allowed to vote. This is crucial forRead MoreStructure Of The Paper : The Article Is Presented Using The Journal Style Scientific Paper Format989 Words   |  4 PagesIV. Structure of the Paper: The article is presented using the ‘Journal-Style Scientific Paper’ format. The authors introduce the topic of ‘ethnic segregation in post-Soviet cities’ within the context of Soviet immigration policies. The purpose of the study â€Å"explores how inherited segregation patterns have evolved in the city of Tartu, Estonia† (Leetmaa ,162) in the post-Soviet period marked by Estonian statehood and a free-market economy. The historical material is divided into four sections: 1)Read MoreWhat Is Conducting Marketing Research1319 Words   |  6 PagesConducting Marketing Research Name Institution Date Introduction The marketing research is important in establishing the characteristics of the target market (Wong Law, 2002). This will enable the organization to strategize on how to reach more markets and increase sales. This paper will consider the exploratory research which may be conducted to establish the factors hindering the American minority groups from investing. Major Research Question What hinders many American minority groups from investingRead MoreConfucian Beliefs And Its Impact On Society939 Words   |  4 Pagesa personal characteristic valued on the market, unrelated to productivity. Throughout this paper, a theoretical and empirical approach will be taken to showcase whether or not over time education investments by race converge or diverge the current wage gap. If it in fact diverges, the topic of discrimination will be discussed to explain what is not being captured in the data. The remainder of this paper is organized as follows. Section II provides the background and literature review. Section III†¦SectionRead MorePublic Opinion of Police by Different Ethnic Groups Essay1136 Words   |  5 Pages It has been known that African Americans and Hispanics have lower levels of trust and confidence in police because of racial disparities and racial profiling. This paper will discuss the public opinion of police by different ethnic groups and how racial minorities hold lower levels of trust and confidence in police. The paper will further discuss the November 5, 1992 Detroit Police beating of Malice Green and how members of the community perceived police response after the beating. ExpressRead MoreRacism And How Laws Created Over Centuries1158 Words   |  5 PagesThis paper investigates many different articles and reports on the origins of racism and how laws created over centuries have still failed to completely annihilate the practice of bigotry against minorities. Through the examination of different stories, articles, and research, this paper suggests and supports the idea of racism being implemented secretly through the institution system, and the relationship between the reality of a minority with a job compared to someone else with the same job. This

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