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Buddhism Essay -- essays research papers fc

High in the mountains of the Himalayas chants ring out from the Tibetan monastery. For most this is a dream- like vacation to a far remote land. For some of the people who live in Tibet and India this is everyday life as a Buddhist. Buddhism revolves around a strict code of daily rituals and meditations. To an outsider they stomach seem mystical or even odd, but these are the paths to enlightenment and spiritual salvation. Throughout the centuries, Buddhism has evolved into a major religion in Asia and other move of the world.The mystical roots of Buddhism can be traced back to the first century BCE. Buddhism began with the birth of Siddhartha Gautama. When Siddhartha was born he was noticed as having the 32 auspicious signs of an initiate one (Clark and Brown 3). His father, fearing Siddhartha would shun his inheritance, confined him to the walls of the palace, never allowing his son to experience want or suffering. However, Siddhartha on several occasions ventured outside the confines of the palace. On one of his visits into the city he saw an ascetic begging for alms in the city square. It was then that he realized that there was meaning beyond physiological existence (Clark and Brown 3). Siddhartha then gave up his possessions to search for enlightenment. He discovers that by following the path of moderation, one can become enlightened (Clark and Brown 3). And so, he attained Buddhahood. Afterwards Buddha, the name given to an enlightened one, travels through India preaching and educating others about the middle path (Clark and Brown 3). From this, Buddhism was born.The religion of Buddhism is not entirely in a sphere of its own. In fact, it combines several influences born in and around the Asian continent. The first religious influence is Taoism. Taoism embraces the belief in the fluid like spirit that flows throughout everyone and everything. The primary belief of Taoists is that the universe is in constant change. Taoists believe that nature and t he earth is constantly in flux. Simply, the onlyconstant in the world is change. When individuals learn that growth and movement are natural and necessary, they can become balanced (Clark and Brown 7).Taoism teaches self-control and the importance of meditation in prying for enlightenment. &nbs... ...ver which the imperial family presided, had been largely eclipsed by Buddhism (Ralph et al 34). Aspects of the religion have also moved into the U.S., Growing interest in Asian culture and spiritual set in the West has led to the development of a number of societies devoted to the study and practice of Buddhism. Zen has grown in the United States to encompass much than a dozen meditation centers and a number of actual monasteries (McDermott 2). The Buddhist religion encompasses a large spectrum of people all diverse but linked under the words and teachings of Siddhartha Gautama. Works CitedClark, Laura, and Suzanne Brown. Vietnamese Buddhism. 18 Jan. 2000. .Dharma Haven. Healing, R elaxing and Awakening Tibetan Buddhist Methods. 16 Jan. 2000. . 18 May 1999.Hansen, Jytte. Mandala. 17 Jan 2000. . 1 work on 1997McDermott, James Paul. Buddhism Today. Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99.Ralph, Phillip Lee, et al. World Civilizations Their History and Culture. 9th edition. New York Norton, 1997.

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The Life of an Engineering Student :: Engineer Education Papers

The Life of an Engineering Student Im drinking cocktails out of a coconut on the beach when the Ocean begins to beep. Its 700am, Monday morning. I throw the alarm clock across the room and it crashes on the opposite wall. Subconsciously, I drag myself out of bed. Blind without my contacts and still lying on the beach sipping cocktails in a far off land, I dont realize the bedroom door is closed until my nose impacts it. My nose gives, the door doesnt. I shift into the bathroom, start the shower, and plop in my contacts. I massage my chin, which is sporting 2 days of scruffy growth. I tell myself that Ill shave tomorrow. The showers hot for the first two minutes and then it turns cold. My eyes fire open for the first time. I wonder why a building designed for twenty people bed only handle one person taking a shower. I towel off and drag a comb across my head. The deodorant is there, merely it seems my toothbrush has walked off. A finger has to act as a substitute. I slip on a pair of flannel boxers. They have a shoot down down the leg from fatigue due to heavy wear. It takes months for a new pair of boxers to become comfortable, hence, no man ever throws his shorts away. dissolve by the cyclic loading of the wash machine, boxers just dont make it out of the laundry one day. Its a mystery that men still suppose while sipping a beer at the bar on a Friday night. My jeans havent been cleaned in days, but that doesnt matter. A T-shirt and shoes add the finishing touches. I ratification my watch. Its 735am and theres no way Im going to make it for my 745 mechanics of materials lab. I jump on my mountain bike in full phase of the moon stride and blow four red lights on the way to Engineering Hall. I nearly knock over a poor frosh who carelessly go into the bike lane on University Avenue. Clipping his backpack, I turn my head to see if I knocked him over. I dont fret it because freshmen are pretty ductile when it comes to things care that. Besides, Im sure I didnt cause any permanent trauma. The Professor has started the pre-lab lecture when I enter the room. This is a common stress-strain diagram for low carbon steel.

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Capital Punishment Essay: Should Execution of Inmates be Televised?

Should the Execution of Death Row Inmates be Televised? On discussing the appeal of the highly-rated CBS television show, Survivor, host Jeff Probst said the appeal of the show lies in the idea that it is truly a human experience (Mason par. 3). Now imagine a show in which American television viewers are permitted to beguile the live movement of a Death Row inmate. Would broadcasting a live execution have the same appeal as Survivor? Or would televising an inmates execution have horrific and harmful consequences on the American public, putting the issue of capital punishment, as well as their ethical standards, in risk of infection? Televisions are present in 98-99% of American households, (comma splice) basically they are present in every American house. American viewers watch televisions frequently and for a long duration of time, regarding what is seen on television as the most credible, complete, intelligent, and unbiased source of news (Leighton par. 10). Therefore, becau se of this fact, proponents of televising executions believe that in doing so, the public creates a deterrent, allowing the whole dish up of the United States criminal justice system to play out in front of the American public via the most popular medium for doing so, the television ( disceptation Lives On par. 3). A deterrent is a notion that the pain of punishment, (in this case, the pain of execution), will prevent human beings from committing crimes. Therefore, if the American public could bear witness to the execution of a convicted man or woman, the image would be so shocking to that viewers mind that the ability or desire of that person to commit a death penalty crime would decrease. In essence, proponents of te... ... 2 June 2000. Online. Internet. Available http// Miller, Matthew. Forget Conventions-televise executions. Los Angeles Times Syndicate. 29 June 2000. Online. Internet. Available http//www.reporter-news. com/opinion/forgetconvensions/exe.htm Shapiro, Andrew L. State Killing Americas parvenu Spectator Sport? Salon Magazine. 28 July 1997. Online. Internet. Available http// State Killing is Not the Answer. Amnesty International-USA. Press Release. Guatamala. 26 June 200. Online. Internet. Available http// White, James. Contempory Moral Problems. Fifth Edition. westernmost Publishing Company. Minneapolis, 1997.

Massai Warriors- National Geographic Report :: essays research papers

In the September 1999, issue of National Geographic Magazine, on that point is quite an interesting article that has been written by Carol Beckworth and Angela Fisher. It deals with the Masai Warriors of Kenya, and how their culture recognizes an adolescent male that is becoming a humanity, or entering manhood.The Masai warriors are a group of semi- nomadic people who live on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. They are a relatively small group, with only about 300,000 people in their culture. They take to the woods for their food with spears, they live in small homes made out of cow dung, and their most advanced form of technology reckons to be the bark shoes that they wear down on their feet. They are fairly quiet, subdued people, and they seem to ignore the changing world around them. Their customs greatly differ from the outside world, and many of them would now be called truly inhumane and primitive. But these ways are the only ways that they know. But, unfortunately, it m ay not always be that way.The Masai culture finds the changing of male child to man to be a very important event in life. It is not something that will just happen on it&8217s own. It is not something that takes devote over the course of a decade, either. It is a very spi rite ritual that occurs over a four-day period. This event is known as Eunoto. It is a very rigorous, very challenging, and almost an inhumane ceremony.Eunoto involves the slaying of a lion, the skinning of a buffalo, sexual intercourse with prepuburtal and uncircumcised young girls, the erection of a new building for each young man involved, and very often, the hysterical trance of a young man, during which he may attempt to slay himself with a spear. The young man being initiated finally ends the ritual by having his hair cut off by his mother. This very important event symbolizes the end of the maternal bond between the two.The morals of this culture seem to leave a little something to be desired, however. Mar riage, for instance, doesn&8217t mean quite what it means here (although in some cases, they are more loyal to their spouses in that location than people are here). A man may be married to more than one wife there, and sex out of wedlock doesn&8217t out to be frowned upon there. Many times before the Eunoto is carried out, the young men (18 &8211 19 years of age) sleep with 9- 11 year old girls.

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Mandatory Minimum Sentences Are Not Effective Essay -- Mandatory Minim

Mandatory minimum prison sentences atomic number 18 punishments that are set through legislation for specialized offenses. They have been used throughout history for different crimes. The four traditional goals of punishment are deterrence, incapacitation (incarceration), retribution, and rehabilitation. With the state of our national economy, cutting prison and corrections cost would be a huge savings. On the surface, it may seem that mandatory minimum sentences would serve the traditional goals of punishment. They would discourage potential criminals, keep society invulnerable for longer periods of time, they would punish the offender and they would rehabilitate the offender. What they did not do, however, is take into account the individual circumstances of each case and each defendant. Mandatory minimum sentences are not effective and they should be repealed.The United States enacted mandatory minimum sentences for drug convictions beginning in 1951 with the Boggs Act . The Boggs Act bequeathd both mandatory minimum sentences for first-time drug convictions and it change magnitude the length of sentences for subsequent convictions. In 1956, the Narcotics Control Act increased the minimum sentences spelled out in the Boggs Act. It also forbade judges from suspending sentences or imposing probation in cases where they tangle a prison sentence was inappropriate. In 1970, the Nixon Administration and Congress negotiated a bill that sought to address drug addiction through rehabilitation provide better tools for law enforcement in the fight against drug trafficking and manufacturing and provide a more balanced scheme of penalties for drug crimes. The final product, the Comprehensive Drug contumely Prevention and Control Act of 1970, repealed man... of Mandatory Minimums. (2005, August 31). Brochure. Retrieved from http// les/Updates%20short%20HISTORY.pdf Mandatory Minimum Sentences Briefing. (n.d.). Retrieved August 2, 2010, from Connecticut General Assembly website http//, D., Schuraldi, V., & Ziedenberg, J. (n.d.). Treatment or Incarceration? Retrieved from Justice Policy Institute website http// Sabol, W. J., PhD., & Couture, H. (2008, June). Prison Inmates at Midyear 2007 (NCJ No. 3221994). Retrieved from US Department of Justice website http//

Mandatory Minimum Sentences Are Not Effective Essay -- Mandatory Minim

Mandatory minimum prison prison terms are punishments that are set through legislation for specific offenses. They have been used end-to-end history for different crimes. The four traditional goals of punishment are deterrence, incapacitation (incarceration), retribution, and rehabilitation. With the state of our national economy, cutting prison and corrections costs would be a vast savings. On the surface, it may seem that mandatory minimum sentences would serve the traditional goals of punishment. They would discourage potential criminals, keep society safe for longer periods of time, they would punish the offender and they would rehabilitate the offender. What they did not do, however, is take into account the individual circumstances of each case and each defendant. Mandatory minimum sentences are not effective and they should be repealed.The United States enacted mandatory minimum sentences for drug convictions beginning in 1951 with the Boggs come. The Boggs Act provided both mandatory minimum sentences for first-time drug convictions and it increased the length of sentences for subsequent convictions. In 1956, the Narcotics Control Act increased the minimum sentences spelled out in the Boggs Act. It also forbade judges from suspending sentences or imposing probation in cases where they felt a prison sentence was inappropriate. In 1970, the Nixon Administration and Congress negotiated a bill that sought to address drug addiction through rehabilitation provide better tools for law enforcement in the fight against drug trafficking and manufacturing and provide a more balanced scheme of penalties for drug crimes. The final product, the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970, repealed man... of Mandatory Minimums. (2005, August 31). Brochure. Retrieved from http// Man datory Minimum Sentences Briefing. (n.d.). Retrieved August 2, 2010, from Connecticut General Assembly website http//, D., Schuraldi, V., & Ziedenberg, J. (n.d.). Treatment or Incarceration? Retrieved from Justice policy Institute website http// Sabol, W. J., PhD., & Couture, H. (2008, June). Prison Inmates at Midyear 2007 (NCJ No. 3221994). Retrieved from US Department of Justice website http//

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Lack of Proper Management Practices in the Roaring Dragon Hotel

lucky Dragon Hotel, a state owned enterprise, was one of the reputed 3 star hotels in China. This case study is about the contrast aroused by taking over of a former C Lack of proper management practices brought down the vibrant history and reputation of Roaring Dragon hotel, which was a premium hotel in south-west China. Hotel International was given the responsibility to transform the Chinese hotel to a modern market oriented organization, to alter its potential. Problem Though the problem areas of the Organizational culture are identified, management failed to manage the Cultural Differences of Expatriate Managers and Employees.The employees faced severe conflicts in adapting the changes made by the new management consequently they lost their significance, motivation and developed a feeling of insecurity over the top management decisions. Opportunities The change in management has brought an excellent opportunity to change the deeply entrenched non-productive work behavior and modernize the Hotel to international recognition by proper training, motivation and trust which alike generate profits and deliver the quality of service.Recommendations. Inculcating a manager who is thrown out with the Chinese Culture and including the locals in the Management, taking the Employees into confidence by lucre hikes, identifying their hard work, and also make sure the change is properly communicated to the Employees through right cha Conclusion Strategy was good initiative but they failed to capitalize it by not taking into account Locals Culture and improper communication between Expatriate Managers and Employees. HI would have improved the communication between the managers and employees by remunerative more attention to rted following the Guanxi management rather than HI management.

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Existing television channels Essay

Distinctiveness and originality be always key in any feeling of the media, as it allows anything to be set apart from the rest, drawing the audiences attention towards it. However distinctiveness and originality argon becoming a thing of the past as ideas are running thin. Constantly we are able to see similar or replicas of past programming on our screens, whether it be in reality television, soap story makes or big dramas. The BBC have always been cognise for is popular programming.In the early days of the BBC, they strived to follow a common trend of having an educational programme, follow an merriment programme. However, as such programming scheduling has been scrapped, both educational programmes do appear in the scheduling. still the question is how original and distinctive are these programmes that the BBC are producing? Well firstly the BBC have publicly admitted that they will be reducing their amounts of repeats to below 10% in their programming schedule within the n ext 10 years. But will this help the BBC become more original and distinctive?In one sense it will, as the BBC have become well known for having constant repeats they will now have to think ip exciting ideas to fill the slots of the original repeats. However will the BBC crumble under the pressure and use to common concepts and genres, such as reality and soaps? Well it seems non as the BBC have made a vow to bring the best original ideas to the screen, look that the channel will invent, refresh and discover new passions and interests. New educational programmes such as The Blue Planet and Son of God are among the line up.With The Blue Planet exploring the earths final frontier, from the deep to the shore, from pole to pole. It revealed new and extraordinary life and behaviour that had never before been captured on film. While Son on God used breakthroughs in archaeology, astronomy, forensic science and history to help viewers make up their own minds about the man who changed the world. There is say to be no crisis of orginality in British television though there may be for ITV. Why is this? Well for one ITV has a very grievous and unique posistion as the only UK channel expected to deliver a mass audience to advertisers, day in day out.With this kind of pressure on their backs ITV have the most to prove with originality and distinctiveness in their programming. Numerous programmes have catered to these needs in recent years. For example the television revival of John Galswortys Forsyte novels The Forsyte Saga, and also The Jury, an innovative six parter starring Derek Jacobi and Antony Sher. However ITV is not required to cater specifically for non-mainstream tastes and interests, or to meet particular requirements for innovation, experimentation or distinctiveness.That is not to say that these characteristics will not appear in ITVs programming. Channel 4 has always stood out, as in the beginning it was designed for minority groups. But today, Channel 4 still stands out with its range of programmes, and it is often said that distinctiveness, diversity and innovation are key requirements to Channel 4s programming. Shows such as Green Wing, Touching the Void, Spitfire Ace, My Foetus and Supernanny demonstrate that these have been achieved in every part of the schedule and with significant public impact.Channel 4 turn up its distinctiveness with programmes ranging from Shameless to Hamburg Cell to Sex Traffic. Channel for has go on and progressed in supplying original and quality programmes that challenge the veiwers opinions and personal veiws. Channel 4 continued to find new make waterats and reach new audiences with Musicality, Cheating At Athens Is It Worth It? , Bollywood Star, The Great British Asian Invasion and Time Teams Big Dig. Overall i feel that originality and distinctiveness has great importance of the ever changing television market, as it sets each channel apart form one another.Also it allows us all to see the potential that these channels have and what they could do when they enter the digital age after the analogue beat off. With this originality and distinctiveness, will the Big 5 be able to compete in the digital age with numerous other channels pinning for the maximum audience share? Yes, i feel they will as they will have a step up on the other channels with their programming. However i feel that this will only happen if the Big 5 continue and improve their originality and distinctiveness in programming, instead of settling for a common concept.

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Rainbow’s End, Dolly + Errol

skirt and errols relationship boundaries An individuals lifestyle may prevent them from developing a sense of belonging. This idea is support when Errol comes to see Dolly and she is too embarrassed to invite him inside Attempt to belong Dollys fears rejection, therefore doesnt invite him inside. A psyches culture may result in them struggling to find acceptance. The quote, youre white, im aboriginal is symbolic of the division among different cultures in Dolly and Errols society and implies Dolly is aware of their differences.Microcosmic world Juxtaposition of division of cultures in society The Quote. Except their segregated explores the challenges associated with barriers that precent love an acceptance, and here, Dollys rejection against Errols efforts are evident. Again, Errol comments on the weather in the quote its a beautiful day which reveals his attempt to connect with Dolly. Her response, its stinking heated reveals her sense of rejection and negativity towards his pos itivity.Shes a realist, pessimistic and hes positive optimistic The quote you people? is significant in establishing Dollys place in the world and implies she finds it hard to belong because of her culture An individual may contribute to another persons sense of belonging. This idea is support when Gladys forces Dolly and Errols relationship as she wants to provide opportunities for her daughter The quote Are you saying youd rather live in a humpy by the river when im promising you the world? suggests Errol believes Dollys lifestyle prevents her from belonging. Like Gladys, he too wants Dolly to succeed in life Dolly rejects Errol as she knows that they should not have any communication with each other not to mention falling in love with each other, she knows that if she takes a mensuration further with the relationship that she currently has with Errol it could lead to the deterioration of their social status in the society especially for Errol.

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A Study

Globalization Is one of those few phenomenon we hear about either the time and link up we try to analyses the impacts that globoseization has had on the world. With help of some of the best, easy to comprehend vitrines, we try to understand how with time the work world has twist more interactive, communicatory and inter- dependent in nature and if it really has been in favor of firms competing in the market. Globalization in business is the integration process of the world through the manipulation of international trading system.It unifies the local and foreign markets to make the trading even easier for businesses. In yet early(a) words, we stop call worldwideization the recess of increase Inter-connectedness among the countries In the areas of culture, economics and politics. Firms competing In the market place have the luxury to choose their option and maximize their business potentials by the way of participating planetaryly. much(prenominal) process as a result, simp lifies the corporate process of shadowvassing materials, production, marketing and distribution of products and run.The information System (IS) is quite contrastive from the usual trading and then businesses get alliance with ease other than supplies and labor forces from there countries as long as they follow the rules deal by the global economic governmental science including the World Trade Centre. (Schools, 2005) Is it not amazing when we turn an apple I-pod upside down and it says, designed In California (US), assembled In China? The clothes In our wardrobe, an English brand made with Chinese cotton, sewed by Indian contacts, shipped on a French freighter crewed by Americans to a united country harbor.Thats Globalization. The word Globalization has always been creeping on all of us as long as we can remember however, it has never been so visible and impacting until modern years. Artificial constraints exchangeable tariffs have become unfettering and the businesses are expanding globally complicating the already existing free-enterprise(a) environment (Change & Park, 2005). It can be easily explained as to how the profound nature of competition has changed in the industries in the global prudence.This change in itself has a relentless pace and moving forward at all time. In words of Williamson (2004), globalisation has had too many implications to the national prudence. It has intensified inter-dependence among economies in the world market and countries and yes, their organizations as reflected in the knowledge cross borders, flow of goods and services and the financial capital. In short, globalisation is the outcome of a large number of business firms competing against individually other in a rising number of global economies.Globalization in true sense extends immense opportunities for firms competing in the 21st century highly competitive landscape. In a globalizes market, as confirmed by caravansary (2006), the financial capital can b e obtained from one national market and be used to buy raw materials in a second market. The manufacturing equipment can be purchased from a third national market and be change in yet another one or say a one-fourth market. It has become challenging to determine the boundaries of any industry in the current world scenario.Wall-Mart could be a straightforward example to support Khans (2006) view point. Wall-Mart is the name, the brand, the global giant which is cognize world everyplace and have been trying to achieve retailing with global pricing, sourcing and logistics without getting impacted by the global boundaries. The idea was to be able to easily move goods and be able to seamlessly use the pricing strategies among all its international operations as it had been able to do in geek of its domestic stores. Hit 2007) said once that, Wall-Mart is pursuing this type of retailing (boundary-less) on an evolutionary basis. And, he was rightfulness when he quoted that because in the past few it has even more evident that Wall-Mart has actually put things in practice and joined hands with others to make boundary-less retailing possible. Lets count on another example from the entertainment industry. Advancements in telecommunications and the interactive computer net grazes have made the boundaries of entertainment industry look blur and shady. Netwhole kit and boodle such as CBS, HOBO, Fox and NBC not solitary(prenominal) compete among themselves but, also with Sony and Microsoft and perhaps others.It is not easy any more to define the boundaries of a particular industry and switch over, new industry ventures have become more frequent. Yet another major affect of globalisation is the design, production, distribution and servicing of goods and services and that is visibly convincing enough to gain instances. A fit example will be Toyota Motor Company. Global competitor Toyota Motor Company provides shall help us understand how this happens. Toyota Companys products are in high quest internationally because of its initial emphasis on product reliability and superior guest service and support.Barbwire & Mean (2004) figured out that because the demand for Toyota Motor Companys products, its competitive actions have forced its global competitors to bring improvements in their operations and instill reliability and best customer service and support. And this act of following Toasts example has changed look services concept entirely. Almost any vehicle bought today across the globe, from virtually any manufacturer (company/brand) is of a higher quality and all of them extend offend ND tailored service support which was not exactly the case before Toyota began competing successfully on a global scale.The firms competing in the global economy have to understand, looking at the wider perspective, that globalization has heightened the levels of performance standards in terms of quality, cost, productivity, product introduction time span and operational efficiency which could be referred to as the so called competitive dimensions. Now, these competitive dimensions not only affect the firms competing in the global economy but, also the firms competing in the domestic markets. And the reason is Customer Preference.The customer purchases form a global brand rather than a domestic firm or brand as they know that the goods and services offered by the global competitors are far more superior to the local firms. Globalization has also led to the free movement of labor and capital after being acknowledge as a key source of competitive advantage and therefore, firms globally must understand the importance of keeping a better track of their work force. As Prospers (2005) mentions, the best hatful will come from, Just about anywhere. Hence, work force relationship plays a very dynamic role with the get across of libations.A mixed labor is not always easy to manage and if not given importance in the beginning things may go awr y at a later time. An easy to understand example would be pinpointing the Asian community, which is big part of the world population and a big chunk of which works in the west. Too many nationalities and ethnicities working together and it takes the right kind if thinking and planning to keep the things going. And, no doubt that takes careful planning and implementation. The business corporations must learn enough to positively deal with the ground realities of the current global competitive environment.Only those companies have the ability to make above average sugar which are capable of meeting or rather exceeding the existing global standards. (Fink & Holder, 2005) The term, Global Village & Increasing Interaction among businesses Emergence of global economy did pass water some interesting opportunities. And, that is why today Europe is the worlds largest single market, instead of USA, with 2005). Globalization History can create arguments of when or where it usually started an d who have been the pioneers of globalization but we know for sure this is the present notations that the world has been experiencing.This new form of business relation and practices often referred to as global village which is radically ever-changing the business environment and it is true and highly relevant, valid and accepted in todays modern economy. In order for businesses to grow they must consider jumping into the globalization challenges to be able to compete and gain market look ats. This has been the rules of the most successful business leaders around the world because the opportunity is there to bring different nations and businesses closer to one another.Look around many establishment and you can find that international businesses are all around, Franchising makes business easy to expand all over the world that a certain person who has the capacity to put up business from Asia can franchise a business in America and other countries examples are Mac Donald, Levis, Seve n Eleven, Sarah Lee, Avon and many other stores scattered around the world because of globalization. McDonalds fast food chain can be considered as a true example of globalization as true globalization means one company procuring, manufacturing and selling in many countries and McDonalds does exactly the same.It operates in 119 countries and has successfully integrated all its operations internationally. There are many advantages in this process and anyone who would like to take a franchise business is almost insure of success because of its brand, they have ready market all over the world that has gained popularity, franchiser even offer full marketing assistance that makes your business franchise grows development their adaptable marketing expertise that they will be shared upon franchising such business. Supermarkets where we buy are daily need products accommodate all those reduces from all over the world.Olive oil from Greece, apples from South Africa, wine from France and li kewise thousands of more products from around the world. Decos in the I-J, the biggest network of supermarkets in the UK for an example is no such exception and has left no stone unturned to bring products from all over to be made available in their stores located in the I-J. That is Just another touch to globalization because you are not taking your products to other countries, perhaps but, you are certainly bringing in other products under one umbrella to be sold to a did range of customers.An important discussion could around the Business Process Outsourcing industry which makes a certain business maximize profit by fusion from other countries, businesses like JP Morgan and chase, MM, Telltale, CIT and other companies in Europe and America usually hire and establish businesses in countries such as the Philippines and India since they are highly proficient in English Communication. Usually Technical Assistance from customers around the world pretending they are a part of such co mpany.Through this process the company like IBM can cut their labor expenses while they enjoy productivity because of their highly effective sock in other countries while people from other countries enjoys a good privilege from their Job because of high salary. This can happen because of currency differences from other countries and an example is India where US $ 1 is equal to RSI. 47 in Indian currency. This means that they mutually benefit from this process. This has been the reasons why BOP is highly increasing demand of people.In the Indian and Philippines alone there are at least 250,000 counter Centre people needed to fill in the vacancies of various BOP Companies. The downturn of BOP industry is that on one hand it provides Job opportunities to people of one country and takes away the Jobs of people from yet another country. Online Trading is the cause of globalization and advancement in technology that businesses can easily lean in customers using the internet, they can g ain high market potentials using their website acting as an store-front to advertise their products and services that can be open 24 hours a day seven days a week.Hotels and restaurants, Air Aviation and Local Businesses including individuals can easily use the internet to gather customers around the world. This can also cut cost their labor and transportation expenses through online participation, customers can simply fill in their information and take the orders and it will be delivered via incumbrance forwarding, the process is also convenient to their customers since it only takes a few tracks of a button to get an order.These practices also includes the Import- Export trading that includes free trade or open participation that can give opportunity to most business organization and individual to gain international customers around the world. Having taken the world by storm are the internet based social networking websites hose days. Backbone, Resort, Linked, Google, Namespace, Twitter, Bebop, Hi, Nettle and may be hundreds of other social networking sites are always a click away with internet in existence. Twitter for instance serves over 200 million people (users) worldwide and takes in 1. Billion requests every single day. Thats globalization, right there, opening doors to the world and let communication channels to work their way out without any hindrance. When there are so many countries and organizations that support globalization and understand that it is the right tool for the development of less developed countries ND maximizing profits for the developed countries, there exist some Countries and unions who believed that Globalization is somehow negative and that only the strongest corporation makes the domination and small business may not grow.This to an extent is right. The lesser developed nations energy take a set back as in the name of globalization and world trade their resources could be plundered or misused by the stronger nations. Reme mber, somewhere we talked about the BOP industry which makes the outsourcing company a massive profit, in a way that also by taking advantage of their needs. Some believed that credit based economy has not done any good but false claims that leads to heavy debt burden while some small businessman believes that globalization is only for imperialist purposes.Yet another constraint, and cannot be ignored. Globalization certainly has made things better but, in the future might take inter-dependency or complete dependency to a all new Level of chaos in the world. Other European and Middle East Countries somehow they believed that globalization may only favor the internationally known companies and this is not a free trade but the opposite. They re the Anti-Globalization Communities who are against this process, however their claim maybe, globalization will continue to dominate the business world.Globalization A Stabilizing Factor in International Business It is evident from examples stat ed before in this paper that globalization has brought a dramatic change in the world market. Business firms attempting to expand their geographic foot-print to meet consumer demand, extending their value chain to a global level, stepping into boundary-less retailing and logistics, international tie-ups to get hold of a wider share of customer base, these are because of globalization and eave helped stabilizing the international business community by allowing free movement of men and materials, knowledge sharing and easy get to to financial capital.Globalization has indeed at its core eased the border constraints make them less important than before as countries and economies become dependent on each other for survival and progress. Cross-borders transactions have reached to a new level as a result of diverse business locations of firms and their customer base in a broader market which allows them to secure their investments via spreading risk factor. The ERM Global Village nails the concept down very firmly. If it was not globalization the world we live in would never have been what it is now.Variety of goods for the customers, cheap affordable prices, and access to bigger markets, greater employment opportunities, faster technology and trade knowledge are all a result of globalization. Globalization does have its own side effects on somewhat manner as discussed a while ago but, the point it has it helped making things better and convenient, well, the answer is yes. It certainly has pushed the barriers and allowed the world to connect better and stronger than ever. Conclusion Do we pay consensus to the fact that globalization is good? It is a simple top dog but, enough to lead to a heated debate among the experts.However, the bottom line is that globalization has indeed created more opportunities for businesses to expand globally, reach out to the mass element of customers in need, take a stride in terms of revenue generation and of course increase brand but the more the economic and political challenges which emerge at the same time may or may not be addressed meaningfully and chances are more the emerging economies might fail to set up a proper state framework and structure to succeed. Swimming with the tide is still the best option at hand when the stream takes you exactly where you want to be.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Civil liberties during war-time Essay

Civil Liberties are for example freedom of speech and freedom of the press as defined by the first amendment. These freedoms brook been challenged by the threat of war, but should they be taken away be ca-ca of it?The first amendment states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free execute thereof or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. These are our well-behaved liberties that we are promised as citizens of the U.S.In the past these liberties have been interfered with. The main cause for this interference was war. The government wanted to abolish any chances of treason or leaking of learning to the enemies and to do this they passed act such as the Alien and Sedition Acts. The Alien and Sedition Acts made it illegal to write, print, speak, or publish anything false or imitation about to United States.We can buoy understand how certain precautions must be made to insure safe and soundty in times of war but to go so far as to take away our freedoms are out of bounds. There are numerous other ways to make us safe without interfering with our liberties. For example tighter security. After 9/11 security became very tight at airports and other areas where terrorists might be able to enter the country. Although this peculiar(a) security was tedious and time consuming to get through, it was well within the lines of the 1st amendment because it did not take away any of our freedoms.I do not believe that our civil liberties should be taken away during wartime. This is a democracy and should remain one whether engaged in war or not. The government can think of more ways to protect us other than limiting our freedoms of speech or of the press, and certainly without interfering with our privacy unless there is just cause to do so.

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Flaws with Utilitarianism Essay

Among the most glaring problems that I see with utilitarianism is its inclusion of animals infra the umbrella that blankets this theory. It seems irrefutable that there costs an inordinate design of cases where the consequence that is against the topper interest of an animal is favorable to humans, yet that dictating execute is one that has been continually interpreted and condoned by the general public. This is a fundamental challenge, as the Utilitarian philosophy decrees that the pleasure and pain experienced by all individuals, including animals, has equal worth and must be considered when determining the net benefit of an actions consequences.The most drastic and prevalent of examples that one could provide to illustrate this contradiction would be the practice of using animals to provide food. It cannot be argued that it is in the best interest of a cow, a chicken, or another animal to be slaughtered to serve the dietary needs of mankind. Accordingly, Utilitarian reasoning suggests, in direct competition to the intuition of humanity, that it is morally impermissible to kill the animals.While a Utilitarian philosopher might provide the counter-argument that such is natural order of the world that there exist a hierarchical food tree. Further they would insist that the greater good is that humans be nourished and provided for by the meat, for our pleasure is superior in smell to that of the beast. This reasoning, however, is flawed in two slipway. Initially, the method by which meat finds its way to grocery stores for our purchase and eventual consumption is not one governed by the ways of nature, but rather is one engineered for efficiency by humans.Animals are bread forcibly, then nourished with specific intent of managing fat content, meat flavor, and healthiness, severally of which discounts the Utilitarian claim that nature makes our carnivorous methods honorablely permissible. Secondly, and perhaps more fundamentally, such a claim is in direct contradiction to the Utilitarian tenet that each individual has equal value regardless of identity or stature. Because humans could be sufficiently nourished without the killing of animals, it cannot be argued that the consequence of causing finish to an animal is equivalent or less substantial than that of feeding a man.Conversely, there exist equally as many challenges to raise had the ethicist taken the alternate position that animals have equal value and accordingly that their pleasure is impermissibly infringed upon when they are killed for human interest. Arguments could be presented for a bevy of actions taken on a daily basis by society as a whole. One might address the fact that using animal testing for the promotion of medicine has benefits that outweigh the pains. Similarly, while the development of land effectively kills the previously animal inhabitants, it is an accepted result that society has displayed it is willing to disregard.In each of these cases, the absolu te majority of society condones such behavior, as evidenced by their existence as common public practice. While it is undeniable that opposition to each behavior does exist, the order of magnitude of this resistance is far outweighed by those in finding the long term benefits worthy of the negative consequences. In the end, it grows apparent that while it may be precious to consider the interests of animals when calculating the net benefit of a given action, neither their pleasure nor their pain should be equated to ours.Such a principle has been introduced through the ethical thought experiment The Dilemma of the Swine. Resultantly, human existence constitutes higher pleasure that does that of an animal and we are often better served by making such a distinction through intuitive analysis rather than applying Hedonistic Calculus. The fact that Utilitarianism can be forced into contradictions regardless of the stance they choose makes the inclusion of animals under their ethical u mbrella a significant problem.

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Gendered Behavior- Biologically Determined?

manpower and Wowork force atomic number 18 discordent- not necessary better or worse, but definitely different. They in general live different lifestyles, in different worlds, with different values and different rules. This is a fact that many another(prenominal) are unwilling to admit. Unbelievable? Just mind at the evidence. Why do little girls generally head for the hills with dolls, while little boys with toy cars? Why is blue defined as a virile color, while pink as a feminine? Where did all the gender-based stereotypes come from? Women are bad drivers, Men will never ask for directions.Women are to a fault sensitive, Men are not sensitive enough. Women use toilets as social regions and therapy rooms, while men clearly only use the toilet for one economic consumption only. Think about it Wouldnt people be instantly wary of the man who called out Hey Jack, Im going to the bathroom- you want to join me? From the shallow questions- why are men and women generally diffe rent heights? -To the more innate queries- why until the 1960s did men and women play different roles -domination of males and suppression of women? , it inevitably traces down to one conclusion.Men and women are primarily diverse. The question is what is the occasion for this? If one were to leave young girls and boys to develop on a deserted island with no organized society, no parents, would they tacit be as they are today? Thus poses the question Is gendered carriage biologically determined? Extracts from pop-psychology books profess The equality of men and women is a political or moral issue the essential difference is a scientific one. Those who disagree with the biological perspective of this issue claim equality between the sexes.However the theme is not whether they are equal, but whether they are identical, which may be what many are confused about. Even scientific studies have shown recently that that behavior between the genders is not only physically different, but also mentally different. The most basic and direct form of evidence available for this argument is that the brain structures differ between the twain species. The three main areas of the brain (the Temporal lobe, the Corpus callosum, and the Anterior commissure) illustrate these dissimilarities.The Temporal lobe, which helps control hearing, memory and a persons sense of self and time, has proven men to have 10% fewer neurons in this area. The Corpus callosum, the main bridge between the left brain and the right which carries messages between the two, takes up less volume in a mans brain than in a womens, signifying that they may communicate less. Lastly, the Anterior commissure, which also plays a role in connecting the two brain hemisphere, is smaller in mens brains than in womens, even though men tend to have a bigger brain size.These facts alone should intend that there are differences in men and women behavior. Brain s mountains, a fairly new technology has confirmed the di fferences in thinking between the two, and how they use their minds rattling differently when it comes to certain things. Scientist Sandra Whittleson verifies that for men, feeling is generally position to the right of the brain (meaning it can operate separately from other functions. Because of a mans smaller corpus callosum, emotion is less likely to operate concurrently with other functions.It is the opposite with women, as their emotion is spread widely along both hemispheres, showing that in their case, it can activate at the same time as other functions. Thus, a stereotype of the sensitivity conflict between the two sexes is proven. There are many other case studies from these scans which present a kernel of right in other regular stereotypical beliefs. There is, of course, another side to the story. society today, one many say, is very gender-based. These stereotypes may exist because people encourage them too.Wouldnt one agree that in todays world, there are certain thin gs that are and are not considered appropriate? In order to be accepted, people must conform. There are certain norms for dressing, manner, interests and behavior for males and females. Even the stranger who proclaims What a big, buckram boy you are or What a pretty little girl you are is subconsciously indicating to a small child ideally cherished behavior and characteristics. It is believed by some that social conditioning is likely to determine how one acts through development.Baby girls are dressed in pink and given Barbies to play with, while baby boys are given Action Men and Hot Wheels. Young girls are cuddled and touched, while young boys are patted on the back and told not to cry. In comparison to girls, boys are more encouraged to behave typically and strongly discouraged from engaging in cross-gendered behavior. Is this form of up-bring why men are being dubbed insensitive? Because they are too insecure to show their feminine side?Why is it that when someone is pregnant, the first question an outsider would pose is boy or Girl? How such a question has has become so automatic now, so spontaneous is to be wondered of. It is also true that many in our society find gender re-assignment difficult to accept- think about transsexuals. As practically as it is tried people find the concept of this hard to grasp. The truth is there are no two ways about it Gendered behavior is not only biologically determined, but also environmentally determined. Faced with the constitution/nurture argument once again, it is strongly believed that the two are inseparable, especially in this context.Although the more evidence found, the more people think that the difference is biological. However, no one can say it is purely so because no one knows for sure. Everything you do, every way you behave is determined by a mixture of the two. The reason may be biological, yet how much it is enhanced may be environmental, and vice versa. Understanding the identity of people can be complex, and as much as we want to, we will not be necessarily undergoing this breakthrough anytime soon.

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By Reference to three poems in the ‘Tracks’ anthology Essay

In the verses Not My Best Side, Reports, and You ordain Be earreach From Us Shortly, U.A Fanthorpe looks the theme of confidence through the often satirical analysis of her observations and experiences within bon ton. Fanthorpe mappings her poesy as a counsel of expressing her feelings and opinions, and we can learn a great deal ab come forth her attitudes towards trust by reading and analysing the three metrical compositions chosen. Each verse form shows a different aspect of the direction situation affects pile, and it becomes clear when reading the verses Fanthorpes belief in the ability of power and dresser to corrupt people who possess it, and suppress people under it.In the maiden poem, Not My Best Side, Fanthorpe uses humbug to look at the way people ar stereotyped by effectiveness according to their sexual urge or status, and challenges their conventional representation within society. She succeeds in doing so by taking three break d profess natures (eac h represented by a different stanza), and giving them very different soulfulnessalities and char symboliseeristics to what typical society would expect, and, indeed, what authority has forced upon them.Fanthorpe used Uccellos moving picture of St George and the Dragon as a source of inspiration I thought it might be interesting to find voices for characters conventionally seen as good, bad or helpless. Fanthorpe chose this painting because it portrays mythological characterisations very clearly, and Fanthorpe wished to challenge these typical fairytale stereotypes. Fanthorpe has strained to emphasise a point that authority does not allow enough individuality and simply expects people to con course of instruction to pre-conceived opinions of how someone should be take, found on their gender or the position society has placed them in.The poem begins with the conventionally bad character, the Dragon, speaking. In this dispatchset of the poem Fanthorpe attempts to show the genus Draco as an articulate and understanding character, as opposed to the fierce and disgust character that he is traditionally expected to be.The dragon appears to be upset ab emerge the way he is shown in Uccellos painting, as he recalls that he has been pictured in such a way as to polish off him seem weak and easily conquered.Why, I said to myself, should my conquerorBe so ostentatiously beardless?The dragon feels that he has been made to look inferior to the very young-looking St George by Uccello, in order for the painting to portray the traditional idea that good (St George) always triumphs everyplace evil (the dragon). However, in this poem, the dragon appears to be a considerate, caring character, and in no way evil. He seems to bring in accepted the item that he has (unfairly) been stereotyped as bad, and is upset that in appendix to universe shown by Uccello as evil, he has also been shown to be defenceless.I dont drumhead dyingRitually, since I always rise again ,But I would have standardizedd a small more than blood,To show they were taking me seriously.The dragon is of the opinion that he has been unfairly represented in this painting, as his character has been stifled in all aspects of his character. He wasnt even shown to have a striking death, and there was forgetful to blood to signify the defeat of such a (supposedly) malicious character.Although upset, the dragon realises that he has no opinion in the way he is portrayed in the painting, or in fact the whole of society, and therefore concedes to the pressure that has been placed on him to be the conventionally bad character.Poor chap, he has this obsession withTriangles, so he left off ii of myFeet. I didnt comment at the time,(What, after all, argon two feet to aMonster?)Despite the fact that Uccello left off two of his feet was because the art at the time of the painting was experimenting with drawing in 3D, and the dragons feet were left off by accident, Fanthorpe adroitly uses the mistake to gain ground a very valid point that however the character (the dragon in this case) is in actuality, the characterisations that be placed on them by authority argon lock away always prioritised when people are judging the mortal, ca victimisation their individuality to be lost.The adjacent character Fanthorpe chooses to explore is that of the stereotypically helpless character, the maiden. In Uccellos painting, she is depicted as a pale-faced, frail, damsel in distress. However, in Fanthorpes poem, these recognitions are totally contradicted. The maiden appears to be a very unaffiliated, pro-active, calculating individual.The maiden begins her soliloquy by stating that she does not actually requirement to be rescued, breaking the stereotype straight. At the time that Uccello multi-colour this image, women were highly pressured within society to marry the person they were made to marry. However, in this poem, the maiden seems to prefer the dragon to St George.Its hard for a girl to be sure ifShe wants to be rescued. I mean I quiteTook to the dragon.The fact that the maiden would have the audacity to make a statement like this would be shocking, as women in medieval society were expected to conform to the instructions they were presumptuousness.Fanthorpe also uses sexual hint as a way of showing that the maiden is not as innocent as she appears.He made me feel he was all ready toEat me. And any girl enjoys that.By using this, Fanthorpe makes a statement that the apparently virgin maiden is not actually as innocent as Uccello makes her appear to be, and that women have as much adjust to sexual freedom and free thought as men do, and are not as nave or helpless as authority would like to make them.The final part that Fanthorpe chooses to make in this stanza is that the maiden is very independent and focused on her future. Although the thought of being rescued by the young St George is not a desirable one, she still agrees to him rescuing her, as she knows that the long term prospects of going with St George outweighed the ones of staying with the dragon.The dragon got himself beaten by the boy,And a girls got to view of her future.By showing the pro-active attitude of the maiden, Fanthorpe accentuates the fact that women can be as manipulative and as independent as men, and that they are not simply trophies for men, but intelligent, business minded people. Although she prefers the dragon, she concedes to being rescued by St George, not because she want to be with him, but because she feels it would enable her to achieve this she could not with the dragon.Despite conventionally bein portrayed as a brilliant individual, and the patron saint of England, in the final stanza of this poem, St George appears far from a angelic figure. Fanthorpe has chosen to make St George arrogant and inconsiderate. In doing this, Fanthorpe reveals her own critical voice, and emerges as a highly libber character.St George appe ars, from the start of his monologue, as very puerile and boastful.My horse is the latest model withAutomatic transmission and make inObsolescence.St George makes a big deal of showing off his state of the art gadgets, showing how of the essence(predicate) he is. I feel Fanthorpe has include this because she wanted to emphasise the fact that men often demand an egotistical attitude over women, and flaunt their superiority by the amount of materialistic possessions they have.As we trip to read the stanza, St Georges attitude changes from that of exhibition to one of arrogance and selfishness. He believes that his inferiors should conform to the roles that they have been given to them in society.Dont you want to be killed and/or rescuedIn the most contempory way? DontYou want to carry out the rolesThat sociology and myth have designed for you?By including this, Fanthorpe has succeeded in proclaiming the fact that men are seen as the absolute authority when it comes to judging h ow a person should act or behave within society, and men have gradually inherited the attitude of superiority over women, which depart take a long time to rectify.The poem ends with an emphatic statement of Fanthorpes perception of male attitudes towards women. St Georges real, self-centered personality is revealed when he ends his monologue with these words.What, in any case, does it matter whatYou want? Youre in my way.Fanthorpes opinion of men in societal authority is truly revealed in these final lines. St George is only interested in his image, and he gives no consideration for the other characters in the poem (the maiden and the dragon), and he simply wants to increase his reputation. This point can be related to wider society, where men bequeath not listen to the opinions of women, and do not consider their ideas, as they are not seen as worthful of a voice.Quintessentially, Not My Best Side is a poem that has been written in order to make the point that societal authority s expectations do not allow individuality, as people are placed under so much pressure to comply to the particular parameters forced upon them, involuntarily, by factors out of anyones control, such as gender.Similarly to Not My Best Side, the poem You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly explores the theme of authority. However, in this instance, U.A Fanthorpe chooses to ridicule the process of attending a avocation discourse. She uses this setting to challenge the authority of the interview card to make judgements about peoples lives based on prejudices or pre-conceived ideas. The title of the poem, You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly immediately indicates that the applicator failed to get the job because the phrase is clichd as a polite let down at the end of an interview. In my opinion, this phrase may also have been placed as the title of the poem because Fanthorpe is attempting to show the reader that the vista was not going to be successful in getting the job, no matter how s uccessful the interview went. The poem is an ongoing monologue, with new stanzas kickoff after the response of the applicant.From the beginning of the poem, it become clear that the interview embellish possess a range of prejudices towards the candidate. These appear to have already influenced the panel enough for them to decide that the applicant is not suitable for the job, and it seems as though the interview is being carried out simply as a formality, which must be endured by the applicant.It is evident that the candidates answers are seen as insignificant by the interviewing panel from the very beginning, as their response to the panels questions are not included. I believe Fanthorpe has done this to show that the candidate is voiceless when in an interview, and to presentment the pointlessness of interviews, when the outcome has been decided before the interview even takes place. The only way we have of acute the answer to the interviewers questions are by making an educat ed guess from the response of the panel, which, in most cases, is a single, unenthusiastic phrase such asAh or indeedIt is clear that the interviewers have no interest in the persons justifications for wherefore they are suitable for the job they simply make impertinent comments on the information displayed on their application form.Let us consider your application formThis quote from the poem shows the disinterest in the actual person, and more interest on their class, gender, and other factors displayed on their application form.The panel spend little time discussing the candidates impressive qualifications, and almost immediately moves on to focus on the negative aspect of them, and their possible use within the job for which the applicant is applying. The candidate is asked to justify the use of their qualifications very early in the interview.Would you care to defend their the applicants qualifications relevance?This would succeed in belittling the applicant, particularly when the interviewers response to their well though out answer is a sceptical indeedAfter the polite, (if inhospitable) beginning to the job interview, the meeting soon descends into a personal battering of the applicants self esteem by the of import figure of the interviewer. The first matter the interviewing panel broaches is the age of the applicant.Perhaps you feel able to make a comment about that,Too? We are conscious ourselvesOf the need for a candidate with preciselyThe right degree of immaturenessThese comments, although sugar-coated by the authoritative figure, succeed in alienating the candidate, and forcing them into assent. We can tell that the interviewee has been pressured into agreeing with the panel from the interviewers response after the applicants unheard comments.So glad we agreeThis indicates that the interviewing panel has subdue the candidate so much that they have simply begun to agree with the palaver statements made by the interviewer. Fanthorpe has includ ed this to show that in wider society, authority influences people to conform to its rules and ideas, and does not allow free though or speech. Also, Fanthorpe has arisen the point that authoritative figures abuse the power they have been given, and this leads to corrupting the individual in possession of the power.In the next stanza, the interviewer reveals another(prenominal) prejudice that of the looks of the applicant. The panel is very rude during this stanzaYou do appreciate this work involves butt with the actual public? Might they,Perhaps, find your appearanceDisturbing?This reveals the blunt, inconsiderate nature of the interviewing panel, and, in Fanthorpes opinion, the whole of society. The interviewing panel has succeeded in making the candidate feel small, simply because of the way they are, and I believe that Fanthorpe is trying to illustrate a point that sexism, racism, ageism and other prejudices succeed constantly in subjugate often valuable members of society into conforming to authoritys ideals.In the next stanza, the interview panel seem to fire a barrage of questions at he applicant about their background, particularly their accent. Fanthorpe uses the clever technique of making one of the interviewers accidentally use the wrong phrase, to deliver a highly wretched insult.Were you educated? We mean, of course,Where were you educated?This is a comical way of accentuating the prejudice the interview shows when choosing a suitable candidate to take the job. The accent an applicant has obviously influences the choice a lot, although in actuality, the accent of a person has no effect on their intelligence. The panel were evidently considering the reactions of people using their company, who may think that they lend oneself people of a lower intellect, which would make the company look sub-standard. This shows the way that people within society automatically judge others on the way they speak, as the panel simply assumed the candidate had litt le education because of their accent.In the final stanza, the interview descends yet further into a sequence of offensive statements. The rhetoric questions have ceased, and the true nature of an interview, in Fanthorpes eyes, is revealed a pointless meeting aimed purely at belittling the applicant, and enforcing authoritys stance on society. In this stanza, it becomes implicit that the candidate is female, as the interview panel focus strongly upon family background.Married, children,We see. The usual dubiousDesire to perpetuate what had betterNot have happened at all.The fact that the candidate was asked about her family would tend to indicate that the applicant is female, as the panel would whence begin to worry about the children, and whether they would need looking after. This may be a problem for the company.The panel are also rude to the applicant in this part of the poem, as they insinuate that they cannot understand why the applicant would even consider having children, wh en, in fact, it would be better for the world if the candidate had never been born.The poem ends emphatically, with the satirical statementAnd you were born-?Yes. Pity.This is a witty use of word play by Fanthorpe. The interviewer is actually enquire when the applicant was born, but in the absence of any dialogue, it seems as though the interviewer is saying that it is a tenderness that the candidate was born. With this final stanza, particularly the final line, I feel Fanthorpe is attempting to make a point that authoritative figures are of the opinion that anybody who does not fall within their ideals should not even exist.In conclusion, the poem You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly is a poem aimed at bringing into relief the inconsistency that has been ingrained into society. Fanthorpe is attempting to make a point that certain people, particularly women, are considered as useless, and are seen as undeserving of a voice within society by authoritative figures. She successfully proves that people of authority exploit the power they have over the masses, by belittling them, and repressing them to such an extent that they are forced to conform. Authority makes judgement on people not by the way they are individually, but base their judgements on factors that are not, in actual fact, of any relevance.In the poem Reports, Fanthorpe offers yet another aspect to the role of authority and the way authoritative figures exploit people within society. In this instance, the poem is a simulated conversation between an older, more experienced teacher, and a newer teacher, focusing on the right(a) way to write a school treat.Fanthorpe has deliberately written the report very cynically, in an attempt to portray authoritative figures as cold and impersonal. In the final stanza, the poem adopts a tone of ridicule, when Fanthorpe compares the reports we develop at school to the way we live our lives. Being a former teacher herself, Fanthorpe would have cognise the peril s of report writing, and likewise would have known the attitudes that some teachers take towards who they see as their inferiors, the educatees. Fanthorpes precedent for leaving the teaching profession was that I saw that the power was having a negative effect on me. This shows Fanthorpes negative opinions on the authority that teachers have, and the way some of them abuse it.The poem contains several scant(p) stanzas, using short, snappy phrases, which all make a separate point. In the first of these, there is a fundamental warning to teachers about the language they should use. The teacher writing the report is advised to use mute phrases so that the report does not generate any unwanted interest or complications from parents.Dont give them anythingTo take hold of. EvenPronouns are dangerous.The teacher is being warned not to use pronouns because the teacher may mistake the gender of the pupil, therefore exposing the teachers lack of knowledge of individual pupils essentially, the report could be given to any student.The next stanza focuses on the impersonal nature of the reports once again, when Fanthorpe implies that the good pupils are not necessarily known from the bad.The good have no historySatisfactory should satisfy them.This stanza is included, I feel, to illustrate the fact that the good students are often ignored while the teacher is attempting to control the more disobedient pupils. This would mean that the teacher would have very little knowledge of the pupil, and therefore would not know, in actual fact, whether the pupil was good or not. The teacher is advised, instead of using good, to use a more universal phrase satisfactory. By using safe phrases such as this, teachers oblige themselves from provoking high expectations from parents and higher authorities.Stanza 3 makes another point about the way reports are depersonalised by the teachers. The teacher writing the report is advised to use terms that can relate to any pupilFair and quite good,Multi-purpose terms,By meaning nothing,Apply to all.This shows the way teachers make reports appear personal, but are actually simply using universal terms that could relate to a range of students. The reason the teacher has chosen to do this is to prevent any unwanted backlash from parents.In the first three stanzas, I feel that Fanthorpe is proclaiming that the authoritative figure does not see the people placed under their authority as individuals, but as a large group. This emphasises the fact that authority causes the identity and individuality of a person to be lost.The teachers in this poem are also aware of the need to make themselves look as though they are not to blame for the pupils problems at school.Unmanageable oaf cuts two ways.Finds the subject difficult,Acquitting you,Converts oaf into idiot, usher to master.Such phrases as Unmanageable oaf reflect badly on the teacher, and suggests that the teacher may not be able to cope. To avoid this, the teachers use cle ver euphemisms to make it seem as though it is the pupil failing, and not the teacher. This illustrates the exploitation of the teachers authority over their pupils.The next stanza warns that people will try to read into the reports, so they must remain as simple as possible, to avoid any complications.Set them no riddles, justEcho the common-room clichMust make more effort.The teachers are acutely aware of the need to keep the reports similar, as this will avoid confusion. Using common phrases such as Must make more effort means that the parent, head and child accept the report, and they will not feel compelled to question the report further.Although the poem is based around teachers relationships with pupils, in the final stanza, Fanthorpe uses school as a metaphor for life.Remember your high callingSchool is the world.Fanthorpe uses irony to indicate that the way we live our lives is similar to our school reports.Born at Sound beginningWe move from satisfactoryTo fair, then FindT he subject difficult,Learning at last weCould have done better.In this final part of the stanza, I feel that Fanthorpe is attempting to make a statement that during life, you endeavour to be the better(p) you can be, but ultimately realise that the decisions you have made may not have been the right ones. Moreover, she may be trying to make the point that one is pushed into inconspicuousness by authority, which causes one to feel disappointed, and insignificant. In the poem, we have no way of knowing whether Fanthorpe is referring to herself, or people in general, but the slightly virulent tone in the final three lines, and, indeed, the final stanza, is evident.Stone only, final instructor,Modulates from the indicativeWith rest in peace.By this, Fanthorpe means that the only time that we avoid the report system of life is when we die, and our epitaph is inscribed onto our grave.To conclude, the poem Reports is illustrating the way that teachers depersonalise pupils, in order to pr event problems for them. The pupils are seen as one whole state, and the fact that the education system does not allow individuality leads to a sense of disappointment later on in life. This shows that individuals are repressed by society, and do not feel able to follow their own paths, as they are constantly being grouped with others.Quintessentially, the poems Not My Best Side, You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly, and Reports all emphasise that UA Fanthorpe believes that power corrupts, and that people of authority usually use it to their advantage, to belittle others or to make them feel sub-standard. It is also clear that Fanthorpe believes that authority within society leads to depersonalization disorder of a character, and the stifling of individuals into conformity.

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Organizing Agatha Essay

The Enduring Appeal of Agatha Christie is an enthralling essay scripted precisely and effectively about the powerful germ. The introduction to the essay is brief, yet very informative, giving the ref a bit of background information. It refers to popular literature abounds such as Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe. I in person have never heard of Agatha Christie, therefore the information contained regarding other legends aided in my understanding of how popular and legendary she sincerely is. In addition to this, the thesis statement is succinct and presents the authors survey regarding Agatha Christies brilliance clearly. This was very helpful, as I was informed almost immediately as to what I was going to read about. Overall, the introductory split up gave me a great ordeal of background information, as comfortably as triad concise topics concerning the writing legacy, Agatha Christie, and her writing intelligence.This essay is effectively pen as it has a rational flow of i deas and is very cohesive. Each paragraph begins with an enthralling topic sentence, giving myself, the reader, an appealing event followed by the main idea of the writing. A great example of this can be viewed in the possible action sentence of the first personate paragraph which reads, next to Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poiret and Miss Jane Marple are 2 of the most recognizable detectives in fiction because of their distinctive attributes. Although this is an engaging topic sentence, the author did not include all of the points he/she wished to include in the actually body paragraph as Ariadne Oliver was excluded. On an opposing note, however, I do feel that points of each body paragraph are not strong enough to fully put forward the thesis statement. For example, in paragraph one the reader is suddenly bombarded with names of Christies characters without an explanation of who they are, or what novels they come from.It was slightly confusing for myself as I needed to do a bit of query in order to figure out who Hercule Poirot, Miss Jane Marple, Ariadne Oliver were. Therefore, it would have been more effective if the author had include a bit of brief, background information as this would make for a greater understanding of the body paragraphs and thesis. Similarly, I feel that the arguments of the essay are not in appropriateorder in basis of strength. I believe that the second paragraph should lead the essay as it provides more background intimacy of Agathas characters, novels and is an overall stronger argument. Moreover, the second body paragraph needs to be introduced with a more down topic sentence that reflects upon the thesis of the essay. The thesis states that Agatha Christie engages the audience with her interesting settings, but the topic sentence of this paragraph is, once again, talking about various characters. Also, the supporting arguments in this paragraph are not written in the same order as the introductory sentence, which is an iss ue that ultimately leads to perplexity.On the contrary, the passage uses association words which aided in signalling changes and movement in the text.. Aside from the minor glitches, the three body paragraphs employment as a unified whole for example, they contain links between and within all sentences and paragraphs. Basically, it is casual to follow and uses appropriate language to maintain the arguments focus and to direct the reader. All three of the paragraphs are detailed and legitimate- clearly referring back to each idea throughout the text. For example, in paragraph two of the essay Agatha writes, despite their varied locales, the common element that runs through Christies novels is the closed society. These creations are cut mutilate culturally, economically, or physically, as in the case of Ten Little Indians, which is set on an island off the Devon coast. The author clearly states his/her point and follows this by a strong example of Margaret Christies work.Overall, the body paragraphs follow a structural pattern and present ideas in an efficient manner which actually enhance the reading material. Finally, the closing does a great job summing up all of the information contained throughout the entire essay. The author begins by restating the thesis and summarizing the three argumentative topics (Christies morality, her settings and characters) .The application of Christies opinions and morality in comparison nowadayss society really makes one think about what life would be like if her world of moral certainty truly existed. Aside from the structural accuracy, the content and comparison to the present day is what truly captivated myself as a reader and made the essay effective.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Advantages of Starting Your Own Business

The advantages of starting your own condescension Many people dream of owning a communication channel and see it as a way to examine their own destiny. Starting a business is an exciting thing that offers many benefits. However, you should also analyze what it slangs to direct a successful business or how much it costs to start up. Although, having your own business is fluid more beneficial since you atomic number 50 do what you enjoy doing, you puke manage your scarper schedule and croak of all you can put one over a higher salary from your own business.Owning a business gives you the luck to work in a field you enjoy. Workings in an area you are passionate some helps you better handle responsibilities in your business. Owning your own business allows you to create and contribute, which gives your personal satisfaction. Most entrepreneurs working in a field they enjoy also bring in their expertise, which allows them to offer innovative products and services to customers. The uphold aspect is independence. Entrepreneurship gives you the control over your own business.If you operate a project, you can make the final solicitude decisions regarding your company. Owning a business gives you the power to control whole business. You can participate in every note of the decision-making process. Moreover you can manage your time and adjust your work schedule. For instance, if you have to do something else during the work hours, you can leave and re-schedule your obligations for some other day or after 5 pm. When you work for an employer, you know your one-year salary and little opportunity is available to agnise more money on your job.Starting your own business gives you the potential to earn a high salary. Productivity, pricing and marketing plans are all in your hand, and the income you earn relates to those activities. Although earning a high salary is not a guarantee forever. However, if it becomes successful, the rewards will be much peachyer tha n work for a company. However, there are also disadvantages when you have your own business. One is having the risk of losing not just your money, but also the time and energy you put up if the business does not work out.Another is the overwhelming feeling, in the beginning, of learning several things to start and run the business. And since the business is yours, you are the one take responsible for everything about it. In consequently, starting a business can be scary. But great rewards await entrepreneurs who are lucky enough to create successful businesses not only you can earn earn more salary and become self-independent but also you reward your own life. Although only you can decide if you are ready to create something, here are some of the rewards of going out on your own.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Features of Spoken Language

There argon many aspects of talk language that I reach utilize in my home. When I am speak to a someone with a higher position is society, I bequeath greatly vary my public lecture in terms of my vocabulary and even reduce or abolish the exercise of less testicle cavorts such(prenominal)(prenominal) as fillers and acronyms. However whilst I am conversing with a person of my age or a similar position in society, I will greatly use in positive features such as tag questions and ellipsis.In my informal conversation with the plumber, I thrust used an array of spoken language features such as acronyms, hedge haggle and even ellipsis however on the opposite hand, whilst conversing with my father, I have employed covert prestige so that he represents me better. In addendum I believe that spoken language is different from written language because most written language is in inclineed to be analyse by someone who is separated from the writer in space and time. Therefore to comm unicate successfully, it has to be a lot more explicit than spoken language used in a sheath to face conversation.Although some written genres such as texts and e-mails be truly similar to spoken language, in frequent written language is more dense in the sense that bigger words are used in smaller spaces and it excessively uses more subordinate clauses and has less redundancy words like relegate of, like, you bonk, yeah? which are dominantly found in spoken language. Spoken language tends to be full of repetitions, incomplete sentences, corrections and interruptions, with the exception of formal speeches etc.Also, Writers receive no immediate feedback from their readers, except in computer-based communication. Therefore they can non rely on context to clarify things so there is more need to let off things clearly and unambiguously than in speech, except in written correspondence amidst pot who know one another well. On the other hand, speech is usually a dynamic interact ion between two or more batch. Context and shared knowledge play a major role, so it is possible to leave much unsaid or indirectly implied. There are many factors that hit the way I speak or my idiolect.I think that I speak in a jolly informal way and use a lot of slang vocabulary in my speech. This might be related to my family place setting and besides because I come from an under-privileged position in the society where slew tend to place a greater fury on delivering the message than focusing on the presentation. In addition, my background and lifestyle also affects my idiolect because, I come from an ordinary working class background where, people are not formally educated, so they tend to used words that are not complicated because a persons speech usually reflects upon their education.My personal experiences also affect my idiolect in the sense that I am a very sporty person and love games by heart. This tends to affect my vocabulary because I use a lot of technical terms which an uneducated person might not understand straightaway furthermore, I have only been attending school since year 5, this places me in a very difficult position because I sometimes cannot find words that match my emotions because I have not been educated up to a high standard. My friends also influence my idiolect because I tend to socialise with people that have a similar intellect and interests as me.This greatly affects my vocabulary because we use similar oral communication that a different person might not understand. In addition, my vocabulary is greatly affected by my interests too, for example when I read a book I will try to incorporate the words into my speech so that I will have more breadth of words and lingo. I have recorded myself conversing with two different people that have different positions in society and are also educated to different levels. This greatly affected the topics that we spoke about and also affected the vocabulary I used.In the informal transcript with the plumber we are discussing about the replacement of a pipe and a tap, on the other hand the formal conversation with my dad was about going to a football match. both of the conversations follow Grices maxims in the sense that the replies are short and have a good manner. However, the complex body part of the conversation is very different because in one I am more comfortable and dissipate up and in the other, I need to persuade my father so I need to use my best vocabulary in order to be manipulative.Whilst looking at the transcript with the plumber in an informal bureau, I immediately realise that I have a tendency to talk and turn back suggestions whilst the other person is still speaking, this is evident in the transcript because the topic of discussion was very ordinary and did not contain anything educational so I felt that there was nothing for me to learn so why not present a quick reaction and agree with what the other person is saying. This adds emph asis to the point that peers do not mind if they are cut in between because of the informality of the situation.It also suggests that the two peers share a bond in the sense that they do not mind and will forgive the other person who has intruded in what they were saying. This might suggest that the people who usually employ such methods come from a background where this is seen as acceptable whereas formally educated people or people with a higher position in society will usually wait for their turn until the other person has finished speaking and follow the feature of turn taking which is evident in the formal transcript because it is seen as impolite to interrupt.People usually look down upon a person who employs this tactic because the person assumes a higher intellect than the person they interrupt because they dont wait for them to finish their sentence, people who employ this technique might also come off as over-confident or over-smart. As the situation was very informal and relaxed, we could relate and form a bond of compassion where I do not need to be overly formal or employ formal features such as exemplar English because we can relate in terms of background etc.This proves the point that I was able to successfully manipulate my speech depending on the situation and the person who I am speaking with. In addition to having lots of interruptions, the informal conversation contains lots of acronyms and initialisations such as I gotta leave ASAP and LOL, thats funny cos my friend goes to Copland. This suggests that the situation is very hasty and I have employed this feature in my speech to reduce the time it takes to deliver a message.By, using ASAP in my speech, I was able to emphasise the hastiness of the situation and was also able to show wariness of the qualifying in language over time. I have employed this feature because I would like to fit in with the way my peers speak to avoid social exclusion where no-one understands what I am trying to i mply. This feature is extensively used in my and the plumbers idiolect for convenience because we would like to deliver a longer message in a shorter amount of time without losing the importance of the message.In formal situations, people will usually moderate acronyms as their last resort because it shows that a person is too lazy to finish their sentence which might be perceived as not being confident enough. However, it shows that a person is aware and embraces change in the English language, for example people who use Received Pronunciation, can be seen as bestial or unaware of the changes that English has had to suit convenience.

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When should we trust our senses to give us truth?

In golf-club to answer the question more or less when we should trust our mavins to deliver us the truth, it is important to first understand our senses. Primarily, our senses serves as a jump point of our aw arness or our consciousness, as it takes the form of an inner entity within us, both(prenominal)ways becoming a guide for our reachs. We grasp our senses as a truth detector, which again goes back to how it guides our actions. For roughly of us, we consider our senses as a much more relicapable truth detector compa reddened to our emotions, as it underside often deceive us and possibly lead us to our demise.These senses are able to re coiffure to us whether something is right or wrong, or whitethorn be unfit for a situation. Further defining it, I could individual completelyy say that it is an instinct, an innate ability, which helps or leads us to perceive the cosmea we live in, including the existence of things and the occurrences of events that whitethorn or may non matter to us. We have these five human senses, which include sight, perceive, touch, smell, and taste. All or some of these senses are present in human beings, and these are very useful in their mean solar day to day activities.Our senses enable us to act commonly, or even to respond accordingly to whatever quandary we are facing. Our senses are essential in decision making in all of the situations that we may encounter. We compound the in entraps of our sensory organs and use it to look out what course of action we should take. But still, there are some un legitimateties regarding our senses. In a situation where a soul sees a car coming when he decides to crossover the road at a certain time, how will he be able to tell if what he is seeing with his eyes, what he is hearing with his ears, or how the wind feels in his skin, is really the truth?How burn down he be so sure that the image or idea that is formed in his head is the reality, and that his senses are not lyin g to him? In this split second, how will he decide? Should he trust his senses or just ignore them? In the end, it is still up to the person to decide on what course of action he will take, as it is essential to trust nonpareils senses on delivering the truth about a certain event or entity. In order to gauge if we can really trust our senses, we hold to lay d experience certain considerations that we have to follow.One way is to understand the consummation of matchlesss anterior experience, correspondence, and experience, the eat upness of ones senses (whether or not you have all five senses), the presence and the effect of rational disease to ones judgment and decision making, the usual interpretations of ones senses, and finally, the accepted norms of the parliamentary law that one person belongs to. All these considerations have to be understood, as it is essential in understanding whether or not our senses can be trusted to deliver us the truth.Initially, we have to gauge our previous knowledge, understanding, and experience, in relation to using our senses. We could ask ourselves if there are any situations or occurrences that our senses have failed us. We should determine how it has failed us, and what its effect to us is. We should also determine the situation wherein our senses accurately perceived events or objects, and use this to compare on the instances it has failed us. By basing on this previous knowledge, we can see the importance of the stored info that we have generated from the past.This old information will be used to create a new one, and that would be our understanding of our senses, whether they are punic or not. If we are able to tell several instances which the senses have failed us, thusly we drink down to construct an understanding that at these situations, our senses may not be enough in order to determine the truth. At this point, we start to create a knowledge that tells us how hard it is to perceive an event or a n entity with our senses that we possess. One practical example of this is when we need to use the microscope.Before we know about the existence of microorganism unseen to the bleak eye, we have a mindset that the world is what is there to see. Our previous knowledge tells us of how surfaces of rocks, soil and different places calculate like, further with the use of the microscope, we are able to establish a new knowledge about microorganisms that we cannot see with our eyes alone. Our ears are also unable to detect sounds outside the range of our perceivable or tolerable wavelengths. However, we are able to do so with certain devices, and we are even able to put this into practical use, and one example is our use of SONAR.In relation to this information, we would go back to another criterion in gauging the truthfulness of what our senses perceive. This is whether or not one person has complete or incomplete senses. If we look closely at this idea, we become clear to the fact that there are a lot of mess living in this world without complete senses, solely despite their incompleteness, they are still able to put to work normally, and that predicament tend to work for them. This is not only a case of faulty use of goods and servicesing sense, but the absence of a sense (or senses). despite this, they are able to live their lives like people with complete senses do, and this is made possible by their remaining senses. Looking at this in a knowledge standpoint, we may say that they were able to learn how to live even when they lack a certain sense. For a sieve man, light is not limited to the eyes alone, and he is able to navigate his way in the world with the use of his hearing or smelling. They learn to use their remaining senses in different ways, and that enables them to live normal lives.The knowledge that they gain from using their remaining senses becomes different from the knowledge that they gain when they have complete senses. In a way, they are able to fully trust their remaining senses because its what they have. Somehow, they were able to hone those senses in a manner that they perceive things accurately, and without failure. Lets compare a normal person and a covert person when they wait for a admit. A normal person relies on a confederacy of his senses, sight and hearing, in order to determine if the curry is already near.He can look furthest back into the rail and see any hint of the train coming, couple with hearing of the increasing train sound. On the other hand, a blind man would solely rely on his sense of hearing to determine if the train is coming. He could bear on the distinct sound that a train makes upon its arrival. The blind man may only rely on hearing in order to determine the trains arrival, but this doesnt mean that it is a disadvantage. Even with his sole sense, he can concentrate on the distinct sound made by the train, and it hones his sense of hearing, so that he can accurately perceive the trains arrival.On the other hand, a man with both sight and hearing could hear and see the train when it arrives, but he may be distracted by one sense and lose concentration of accurately determining its presence. Suffice to say, the presence or absence of any sense does not necessarily mean a diminished understanding of the world a person lives in. The knowledge that he gains with the presence of absence of a sense may vary, but still, he is able to fully understand it, and be able to form his own construct of what is the truth.Another criterion would be the presence and the effects of mental illness to a persons judgment and decision making. With this criterion, we determine if a person is affected by other things other than his senses in the things that they perceive. Certain cases of mental illness may result to perceiving events or entities which are not real, and are only created by one persons mind, as a result of his mental illness. If this is the case, then the wholen ess of what he perceives through his senses is jeopardized.Something that may be non-existent in real life may exist in ones own light. This doesnt mean that he has heightened senses, instead it means that he has a problem, which needs to address in a different manner. This case is also similar to when a person consumes substances that may alter his perception of things. Illicit drugs can often result to hallucinations, but this doesnt mean that what they may see or experience is real. There is actually no knowledge created in this case, as it invokes the mind to have ill-considered perceptions, instead of actually seeing the reality.There is no truth in what the senses may perceive, since it is the persons mind that creates these images or occurrences that he is having. Our senses are really important in order for us to function fully in our lives. However, there are certain instances that may affect what we perceive with these senses, thus jeopardizing the integrity of what we p erceive. Because of this, the knowledge that we create in relation to these senses (their presence or absence) may vary, depending on the situation. dedicateing theses senses and understanding their faults are equally important in knowing whether or not they give us the truth.When Should We Trust Our Senses to Give Us TruthOur senses help us interact with the world. Smell, hearing, sight, taste, touch, and external stimulus play a major role in shaping our perceptions of the surroundings and the world. To trust our senses means that we have justified belief of what we perceive is true. To what extent can our senses give us truth? In order to retain a better understanding of under what conditions we can rely on our senses, we need to compare muckle where they have most been true with circumstances where they most have not.We appear to rely on our senses in order to perceive the truth in terms of the world and the surroundings. Senses are the representation of reality, we can perc eive that there is an apple on the table by touching or seeing it through labour and sensory neurons and electromagnetic rays. Also, senses play a significant role in surviving. A keen sense of smell allows animals to run away from predators and allocate food, similarly, a good eye-sight allows us to see what is going on around us and helps us get familiar with the surroundings in order to adapt.In 2004, legion(predicate) animals such as elephants and flamingos escaped the tsunami in Sri Lanka and India, the animals predicted the coming disaster as they may have more acute sense of hearing or touch which allows them to feel the strong vibration of the Earth. On the other hand, our senses can easily be deceived. Advertisements on TV and internet tell us how great a product is and encourage us to buy it, however, the truth may be that the actual product is not as effective as it seems to be.I bought a shampoo because on the advertisement it said that it can moisturize my hair and ma ke my hair look shiny, and the hair of the model in the advertisement looked middling which made me want to look like her. However, when I actually used it, it did not have all the effects that were described and my hair still looked the same. Magic performance is successful because of its deception of our senses. Once during a magic show, I saw the performer cut a lady in one-half but the lady was still alive.The truth is that the performer did not cut the lady, the lady appeared to be in half because of the information that my sense of sight sent. Senses can be misleading because they may only show one side of the situation, unless more senses work togerther and we reasoning the information we get from our senses, we cannot reach the truth. However, we still may not get the truth even if we reason or our senses work together. Different people perceive differently. machination people do not have their sense of sight so they cannot know that an apple is red but they may have stron ger senses of hearing and touch than normal people.It is also understood that emotion affects our perception of truth. I like fast food and therefore I perceive fast food as delicious food and have affection for it, but my mom hates fast food and therefore she sees it disgusting. Despite the problems our senses may cause, they still play a significant role in our areas of knowledge. Evolutionarily, we trusted our sense. According to Charles Darwins natural set apartion theory, the strongest will survive and the weakest will die. Men select the best looking women and women select the strongest looking man.Although the this pattern has now changed, men are still generally attracted to good looking women and women remove men that they feel being safe with. Scientifically, scientists need to observe the phenomenon and conduct experiments through their senses first and then make theories by reasoning. Our senses are limited. We see only a tiny part of reality as we can only see the vis ible spectrum of the whole electromagnetic spectrum and the things we see are our representation of them. As Hermann von Helmholtz argues, we convert the image we see through our eyes into something that makes sense base on our prior knowledge and experience.The optical illusions created by Hermann and Lingelbach supported Helmholtzs idea because we have difficulty to see images composed of lines overdue to limitation in our optical sense. As philosopher Rene Descarte says that the senses deceive from time to time, and it is prudent never to trust wholly those who have deceived us even once, our senses indeed can be fallible and limited, but we need them to interact with the world. So let us just follow our senses and live in the world our senses appropriate us.