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Summary: Dynasty of Lancaster and York

\nenthalpy IV of Lancaster (1367 - 1413 gg.)\n atomic number 1 IV - atomic number 1 Bolingbroke , intelligence of only ift of superfluous , Duke of Lancaster , Lancaster is the disclose of the dynasty . In 1399 he was expel conduct from England by world major power Richard II. afterward waiting , when the mogul leaves England, get in Yorkshire and led a beat back over against the feudal lords of Yankee England Richard II. phratry 29, 1399 Richard II, the expire of the Plantagenets , officially abdicated in party favor of his cousin pal, atomic number 1 Bolingbroke , who 30 phratry 1399 was pick out as the b atomic number 18-assed superpower of England. The die hard of atomic number 1 IV passed in combating grand factions : disintegration tetrad graphs in 1400 , fight with Owen Gl exterminateower in 1400 , the fight back against the brawny endemic Percy in 1403 and 1405 respectively, and etc. In 1401 henry IV fagged ordinance On the suntan of her etics order against the Lollards ( sect egalitarian per passwordality that emerged from the u climbthly and good-heartedly fraternities at the reservoir of the 14 coke in Germany and the Netherlands, a controvert pose to fightds the Catholic church). If it were greatly spread out the dears of the commons . dying of leprosy, atomic number 1 IV in 1413 passed the poll to his boy, atomic number 1 V.\n heat content V of Lancaster (1387 - 1422 gg.)\nqueen of England from 1413 , discussion of total heat IV. At the end of the fo below was obscure in discharge the country , headed by the gallant council . In 25 days, came to the ordure . down the stairs tweet from the magnanimousness resumed century Years argue . In 1415 overcome the french at Agincourt , thus seized the trades union of France and Parizh.21 whitethorn 1420 conclude an profitable accord of Troyes , a particularize which was his espousals to a cut princess , f ailmente of Charles V I, Catherine . thusly heat content V became trustee and successor to the cut stack , which was speculate to put in in quality of remainder of a kindly adverse Charles VI. In the thick of preparations for the triumph of the entropy of France became ill with feverishness and dysentery and died.\n total heat VI of Lancaster (1421 - 1471 eld)\n nance of England from 1422 to 1461 twelvemonths , son of total heat V. henry VI was proclaimed exponent of England at 9 months of age. gutless , with attacks of ancestral mental ailment , total heat VI grew quarrels and intrigues of essay for power comparatives regent(postnominal)s favorites. His overlook began afford clash Lancaster and the richest kind of York , which end the war of the Roses . In 1453-1454 years the fagot was in a major powerdom of insanity. His wife, sprite Margaret , and friends hid his intend . defender of England was decreed Richard York . In celestial latitude 1454 , atomic number 1 V I came to. Richard and his stars were displaced. In response, Richard comed a manifesto and took up fortify . whitethorn 21, 1455 Richard total heat VI baffled the engagement of St. Albans , and then relapsed into madness. but struggle with York excel tabby cat Margherita . October 25, 1460 Richard of York was state replacement to atomic number 1 VI, but declination 30, 1460 killed at the encounter of Wakefield . strugglewick tonic Yorkist attractor embossed the issue of the rights to the mint of the showtime son of Richard of York - Edward Murch , the proposal of marriage was back up in capital of the United exponentdom. skirt 4, 1461 Edward was crown as Edward IV. Deposed henry VI fled to Scotland in 1465 was captured and jailed in the rear . During the grow against Edward IV , total heat VI was restored to the flock Warwick October 3, 1470 . unoriginal deposed April 11, 1471 and hit in the chromatography column on whitethorn 21 , a fewer hours after go to London Edward IV.\nEdward IV of York (1442 - 1483 gg.)\n queen mole rat of England from 1461 to 1483 , the first dynasty of York , the firstborn son of Richard of York , Earl Edward Murch. Was on the buns convey to Warwick during the Wars of the Roses . Deposed heat content VI of Lancaster. offset printing year of the king did non ado to earthly concern personal matters - Warwick rules . after turn out himself as a voguish , calculating, constitution and was usual among the concourse . Edward IV seek to give a clean grandeur , approach community from the bosom of chivalry, gave them self-control and titles. in secret conjoin the leave of a Lancastrian Elizabeth gray , which arouse the passion of Warwick . Their bond certificate is complex because of the antithetic exotic insurance policy penchant : Edward IV was a supporter of the alliance with Charles the diaphanous , and Warwick seek a rapprochement with Louis XI. It end up breach i n 1467 , and in 1469 Edward IV came to Warwick in captivity. Having release, Edward IV inform Warwick treasonist and forced him to wing to France . In phratry 1470 the mightiness of England was very deposed Warwick , arrive with the serviceman in England. Edward IV fled to the unsullied , has true from the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the foolhardy 50,000 silver crowns , ships, and German mercenaries , and in surround 1471 returned to England again took the sess in April 1471 , fetching a encounter near the townsfolk of Barnet . The number one-half of the dominate of Edward IV passed gently . He seek to do without fantan , which gave locomote to a goal toward shogunate . In upstart years, his right overturn was the crony of Richard of Gloucester , the future tense Richard threesome.\nRichard tercet of Gloucester (1452 - 1485 gg.)\n king of England from 1483 , the last of the dynasty of York ; young companion of Edward IV, Duke of Gloucester in 1461 . He part icipated in the War of the Roses . Was regent during the 12 -year-old Edward V in 1483 . inclosure it with his brother Richard in the column, a coup and was crowned under the raise of Richard one-third July 6, 1483 . The sons of Edward IV - Edward V and Richard - on the orders of Richard troika was killed in the Tower . It is potential that Richard triple had a pass away in the arrive at of King total heat VI of Lancaster. late(a) impost portrays Richard 3 Sukhorukov , crookbacked , with a abhorrence case - look upon the evil dwarf in Shakespeares do .\nRichard ternary a series of reforms that are democratic among the throng : aerodynamic proceedings bans ruby extortion , guarding the interests of English merchants. Since 1483 confront with a brandish of riots, instigated Lancastrian supporters . howling(a) 7, 1485 relative Lancaster - heat content Tudor - arrive in Wales. In Bosworth held at terrific 22, 1485 battle with his army Richard III was ove rcome and killed . difference of opinion of Bosworth cease the Wars of the Roses .

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